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1980-08-19 Old Israel Dayton, Ohio

1981-04-11 Holy Ghost - Ft Worth, Texas

1982-09-28 Warnings Hamilton, Ohio

1982-09-29 God Having His Way Hamilton, Ohio

1982-10-01 I Don't Understand Hamilton, Ohio

1983-09-26 Where Is The Lord Hamilton, Ohio

1983-09-28 A Voice From Outer Darkness Hamilton, Ohio

1983-09-29 Shoulder Trouble, Hamilton, Ohio

1983-09-30 The Spirit Speaketh Hamilton, Ohio

1983-10-01 Saints Hamilton, Ohio

1983-10-02 Homecoming Hamilton, Ohio

1986-02-10 Too Many Things - Dayton Ohio

1986-08-07 Appear - Richlands, Virginia

1986-10-02 Fight Back Hamilton, Ohio

1987-06-09 Who Can Tell Bristow, Oklahoma

1988-01-14 What Does Hinder You Manassas, Virginia

1988-01-16 We Didn't Know What To Do Manassas, Virginia

1988-01-17 In The Grave Manassas, Virginia

1988-01-18 Answer While You Can Manassas, Virginia

1988-01-19 Listen Manassas, Virginia

1988-01-20 Chapel Service Manassas, Virginia

1988-01-22 God Has Visited His People Manassas, Virginia

1988-01-24 Dying In Your Sins - Richlands, Virginia

1988-01-25 Holy Ghost - Richlands, Virginia

1988-01-28 Do You Mean It Richlands, Virginia

1988-01-29 Look Unto Me Richlands, Virginia

1988-09-08 Behold I Thought - Cincinnati, Ohio

1989-02-07 The Invisible God Hamilton, Ohio

1989-02-08 While I Was Praying Hamilton, Ohio

1989-02-09 Let It Happen Hamilton, Ohio

1989-02-13 Keys Hamilton, Ohio

1989-11-05 Someone Cares - Prague Oklahoma

1990-08-05 Walking With God Richlands, Virginia

1990-08-06 Right Words Richlands, Virginia

1990-08-07 Old Folks Richlands, Virginia

1990-08-08 Jesus Saves Richlands, Virginia

1990-08-22 The Grass Dayton, Ohio

1991-03-31 He's Alive - Richlands Virginia

1991-03-31 Who Are You Richlands, Virginia

1991-04-02 Strength Richlands, Virginia

1991-04-03 The Fire Went Out Richlands, Virginia

1991-05-13 Renew Strength - Savannah Georgia

1991-05-14 A FewThingsThatAreNotInTheBible WestPlains,Missouri

1991-05-15 Sin West Plains, Missouri

1991-11-06 God Manassas, Virginia

1991-11-07 Behold I Thought Manassas, Virginia

1991-11-10 Let God Hide It - Manassas Virginia

1992-08-02 Let God Fix It - Richlands Virginia

1992-08-03 What a few words will do - Richmond, Virginia

1992-08-05 Vexed Richlands, Virginia

1994-07-01 The Devil Owensburg, Indiana

1995-07-02 Renew Owensburg, Indiana

1997-01-26 What Did The Devil Say-Moore, Oklahoma

1997-11-22 Hasty-Raven, Virginia

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50 Miles of Elbow Room

God's Mighty Hand

I Don't Want To Be Lost

If I Can Just Make It In

It Is I Be Not Afraid

Lilac Bouquet

Never Was A Man Like Jesus

Some Where in Glory

Tell Me A Story With A Happy Ending

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